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Job hunting in BC? Don't forget internships alternatives too If you're in Vancouver, you may have tried all means to secure your dream job, visited numerous offices, replied to many job adverts and sent your resume to all prospective employers you could think of, yet you have not managed to succeed. Well, this is the time to explore a different alternative. The key factor for many employers is trusting and believing you are well able to deliver on the job. Unfortunately application letters may not reveal your strong points while interviews are also too rigid since usually companies have to conduct many interviews at the same sitting to save on time. It's your chanced to prove to all prospective employers in Vancouver of your true worth through offering yourself as an intern in various organizations. In most cases once you are engaged as an intern you get to understand the inner workings of an organization and also build a rapport with key staff members. It is no wonder that employers will be reluctant to let go of a good intern who has proven their worth and will feel obliged to offer you a job so that you may continue with your valuable contribution in the company. Opportunities are everywhere, all you need to do is look for them, a fantastic starting point for a future job in a public organization could be to offer services to one of the organizations below, it does not hurt to try. Some places to get a start: // // Through service, you may bring out the best in you by discovering your unearthed potential and find great satisfaction by working with others. All the best as you chart a new path that may lead to a bright and rewarding career. Take the first step today, who knows, US President Barack Obama started his career as a social volunteer.