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Quick roundup of provincial healthcare programs The main player is federal Health Canada // and it has partnered with various health program providers to promote public health. ONTARIO You can get the best out of health care professionals in Ontario. Ontario government has come out with diversified healthcare programs to promote health and good living. A useful site is // where one can find information on almost any programs taking place in Ontario. There are even Assistive Devices programs which give financial aid to those in need. Some of the specialities are Drug checking programs, healthcare education and long term care for terminally ill patients. BRITISH COLUMBIA Active interest of the Ministry of Health in British Columbia and efforts of the Ministry of Health are to be applauded especially as they have come up with a much needed program of Better at Home for seniors above the age of 65. // promises that this program will soon spread to 56 British Columbia communities. Senior citizens can expect simple but much needed services rendered to them by non-profit organizations. ALBERTA You can get the best primary healthcare in Alberta (// where one can read about the primary healthcare services which deals with issues like prevention of diseases, prevention of injuries, treatment of severe illnesses and managing chronic ailments. Come here to know how one can maximize on the opportunities presented by the government. MANITOBA Get insured to get maximum health coverage by Manitoba Healthcare programs. Never go out without health coverage as advised by // Every citizen must claim their right to get the benefits of insurance. This is the best way to go in for surgeries or even laboratory tests as such services all come under the cover. You are also entitled to a free eye examination every two years and even certain dental procedures. SASKATCHEWAN Know all about Saskatchewan healthcare programs too. Saskatchewan healthcare is one of the best in the country with its ongoing services to help ailing patients live independently in their homes along with personal and long term care. There are even provincial eHealthcare services as cited in // . Check out the site to know how one can avail the services and get registered. QUEBEC For important information on Healthcare in Quebec, check out // to know about the various healthcare programs which are for First Nations citizens and Inuit people in the province of Quebec. Healthy living has become the foremost priority of people and the government is doing everything in its power to see that newcomers and all Canadians get everything they need to ensure good health. Hope it helps.