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Independent forum to share, seek or offer ideas for Canadian immigrants, newcomers, minorities & ethnic communities' point of view and interests.

The Immigrant Life - Introduction Welcome to the Immigrant Life section at - the independent forum for all immigrants in all parts of our great new home, Canada! This section features posts, topics, articles and discussion about life as an immigrant to Canada, how tough it is, how have you made a difference or anything that makes you rant, rave or feel good about our new home and country. Simply put, any aspects which are important to the immigrants and newcomers in Canada. Whether you need advice from fellow immigrants, or are somewhat of an expert in a particular area of life that you feel you can spare a few moments to warn, educate, inform or simply share with fellow immigrants, or simply wish to rant, rave or wish to share your opinions on these matters, please take a moment to participate by being part of this forum. Active, healthy debate, helpful and kind-hearted discourse is the aim of this forum. This being the internet, the moderators will exercise their discretion to purge spam, unnecessary superfluous material, commercial self promotions or any content deemed unfit to be part of this community as much as possible. So without further ado, let's talk life as immigrants in Canada!