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Why is Loblaws so expensive?

Why is Loblaws,(the grocery store for those who don't know) especially in the Toronto area is sooooo very expensive than other grocery stores?? I have tried my best to understand, but have failed so I thought I'd ask here. This just does not make sense to me! In my area there is Loblaws, No Frills, Food Basics, Walmart, Freshco and other groceries. Loblaws is THE MOST EXPENSIVE and for what reason? For example, a same brand, same size bread is more than $1.50 more expensive at Loblaws? A margarine is sometimes more than $3.00 more expensive!! Same brand and size! How can they get away with this??? Maybe a newcomer or immigrant is silly to go there, but they will definitely not go there if they compare prices the next time to any other grocery store. Can anyone tell me what exactly is the reason? I mean I have tried very hard to understand why would they do it? It only takes one trip to another store to realize that Loblaws is ripping you off, and for what? Do Loblaws have better selection of items? NO! Do Loblaws have more variety? NO! Do Loblaws have ANY other feature not offered in other stores? NO? Then why? Am I missing something very obvious? Please feel free to make fun of the dumbo newcomer like me and plz plz tell me WHAT AM I MISSING??