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Why MiWay tickets not available anywhere in Mississauga??

I am writing this to share my horrible experience with transit in Mississauga. I refuse to pay the cash fare $3.25 because it is so high!! As you know, when you buy five tickets or ten tickets at one go, you get them at a discounted price of $2.60.

I always keep tickets handy, but I had run out that day. What a nasty shock looking for tickets. It was a sunday and I was desperately trying to find MiWay tickets around Dundas street. I checked the website for information and not one listed vendor was open on Sunday! Do they even check the vendors before approving them?! Then a friend suggested we check Shoppers Drug Mart.

We went to one and were in for another nasty surprise! The lady at the check out counter said that they are only allowed to sell Ten tickets per sale!

What a crock of bull! MiWay's site specifically says that one can buy in bunches 5 or 10 tickets at a time. I hope someone takes notice! They should make tickets more readily available and make them available in fives!